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For me it’s I’m too impatient to read the instructions, I just want to get to it, the building, or the using of the new item, ect. My husband will read the directions, but he has meticulous OCD.
When I switched careers from being a truck driver to working in a medical lab, it was so hard. Lab was a lot of analytics and reading. Especially big ass binders for Standard Operation Procedures that had a lot of Blah blah blah. I would have to skim and dig to just find the damn instructions or what I was looking for.
It was the same in school for required reading or standardized test. I’m a very, get to the gist of it, kind of person. In about 3rd grade I figured out I could just skip to the questions and then go back to the text to find the answers to the question. I ended up testing out of reading in 6th grade, and English senior year. My reading comprehension in 6th grade was at a college level, yet no one took the initiative to find out why I was struggling academically, I was just passed on. Anyway, I do read for fun or information. But I still glean the text for the nitty gritty.
This has been a huge pain trying to complete my CE credits to re-activate my ASCP Lab certification. I have to do these horrendously boring and often confusing modules. I’ve been doing my skip to the questions and go back to the text method, but some are written so poorly that I can’t find the answers, despite re-reading the text multiple times. These modules cover areas I never learned or did in the work setting. Things like Molecular Biology, immune assays, DNA testing, ect. I’m having a very hard time and it makes me feel stupid or that maybe I’m not cut out for this line of work. TBH I’m not, but I have this degree and it does pay well enough, it’s like a bird in the hand.
Because having undiagnosed all my life, I was never aloud to really get to know me, because me was always wrong, so I was always trying to be some one else. So I don’t understand my own needs and what works for me. I think though, ambiguous work settings don’t work for me. I do better in straight forward clear cut settings. Like factory work, trucking, or maybe even programming. Lab seemed so ambiguous, it wasn’t visual most of the time, and I’m very visual. I’m actually good at electronics, mechanics, and building stuff, but since I’m a girl I was never given many opportunities to do these things. I enjoy manual labor, even though it doesn’t pay well.
Speaking of directions, if you’re still reading this, I bought chickens without having a coop ready (classic add move here) and used the chickens to pressure me into building something which I still put off for too long! I agonized over various designs and plans, none being quite what I wanted. In the end I quit my own coop, with no plans, and very little drawn on paper. I roughly planned out the height and width. I knew it need to be about 3′ deep so I could reach in to clean the entire thing, and I made it 4′ high with a shed rough, and put it on 4×6 post framed out and about 3′ off the ground. I used a rafter measure and a right angle and a level for framing the walls and improvised and free formed most of the time. I ended up with a really nice coop, just in time, because the birds were about full grown and ready to get out of the chicken tractor. This was the first structure I ever built, and I didn’t have plans! I had previous build 2 chairs with plans and a matching table based on a photo without plans.
I think we ADHD people have a way of visualizing that others don’t, we don’t need plans a lot if the time. We also don’t like our time wasted, we are very “on to the next thing!” kind of people. We are movers and shakers, stuck in a world that rewards people for sitting still and doing mundane things over and over again for some scratch. I hate most jobs because they take me away from my home and my projects. I need to find away to work from home capitalizing on my unique skills.