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Another mishap of mine last week… Thought I would be productive so I went to the gym before work! Everything is going great, until I get to my parents house 🏠 it’s on the way to work so I normally shower there, if I gym in the morning. I look in the back of my car, where I believe I have put my trousers, for work, but they aren’t there. So I’m wearing sweat pant shorts, trainers and a shirt to work (Great look). That’s the first part of the story over with. Next I manage to lock myself out of the house and my car keys are in there and my lunch is in my car! I ring my dad to see where he is, but he’s miles away. I don’t have any money on me and don’t want to go hungry all day(Left my wallet at home). Looking up I notice that the window to my mum and dads bedroom is slightly open and my dads ladders are outside. I use the ladder to get into the house, but as I’m climbing it, it slips slightly and I grab on to the ledge of the window, luckily managing to steady the ladder and get into the house! I shut the door to the house, go to the car and then realise I still left the keys on the side so I have to climb the ladder again! Still undiagnosed, but I’m now on an 18 month waiting list 👍🏼!