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Hi everyone!

New user here too and my word your thread caught my eye.
Im 36 yr old mum of 2 diagnosed a year ago and on Methylphenidate once or twice a day low dose and it has changed my life. However there are still some aspects that are just ingrained in me and the whole instruction/list/menu/choice thing is such a central part to what I struggle with. It’s so normal to me i just don’t understand how anyone CAN read linearly and not jump around the page for the interesting bits 1st. I read magazines and books like recipe books backwards 1st because im impatient about the end! I haven’t pick up a fiction book in years because motherhood consuming my brain and i simply cannot concetrate on even one sentence without getting bored or my attention going else where. And CHOICE! the bane of my life. supermarkets, online shopping, menus you name it i can’t deal with it!!!!
I have a 9 yr old daughter who has ADHD and ADD and struggles with the same things, however because I know whats going through i’m parenting her in a lot more positive manner to how i was brought up so she has confidence and bubbliness!

No advice apart from accept yourself and your struggles. I know i still ‘hide’ my incompetences because quite frankly its embarrassing . I am a Post grauduate with a 1st degree and i still fuck up putting together a kids toy !

One other thing…. do you find the passing of time physically painful?! Since ive been on meds its much better and i can get through the whole day without the painfullness of time… if you see what i mean? I think this co-incides with the whole ‘i don’t have enough time to read things thoroughly issue’???? I also make simply spelling and grammar mistakes simply because i do not take enough care and cant be bothered to read through what i’ve written. This causes a lot of embarrassment on Social Media!
To a point where i can go weeks without writing everything because everyone is tuned into my mistakes

And I too have lost many many jobs and good positions. I am now self employed and do ‘odd jobs’ and look after my family as I cannot cope with anything else anymore.