Reply To: Teen in High School


Are the teachers unwilling to spam the assignments? Or keep a Google calendar that students can check for deadlines?

Is there enough TIME to copy things off the board before the next class rushes everyone out of their seats?

I ended up in community college. And the teachers there ended up giving out green pages with the assignment requirements on them. Even with that, it’s best to take a picture and send it to himself or you.

At seventeen, your son might want some autonomy. Everyone is different, but I always wanted the doing of homework to be my own decision. A few minutes before I was about to get up and start, one of my parents would come in and order me to do homework — as if I wouldn’t do it unless she commanded it. As a teen, I didn’t know how to squash down my emotional reaction to this — so I would delay yet another hour. But that was me. Your son’s case might be totally something else.

Faking work is a bad sign though. It seems like he’s just trying to avoid fights with you, instead of trying to get the work done.

Can he focus when reading? At that age, I couldn’t. Maybe because my brain hadn’t grown that ability yet, maybe because I was depressed, I don’t know. What I do know is I would force myself to read paragraphs over and over and still not remember anything. A lot of my tests were passed because I remembered the information from the lectures. Some courses were failed.

Can he try reading aloud to you or a tutor? And decipher the content as a team?

Does he have trouble starting the work? A checklist might help. For example: label the page with name, date, subject, teacher, due-date, etc. And then steps for doing the actual work. Whenever I make muffins, I always start with weighing the sugar. And then check the recipe repeatedly until I’m done.

Finally, could your son scan his finished work an either send it to the teacher immediately or let you print and pack it for him? Losing papers and finding keys in the fridge seems to be a thing for us. I think the founder of either Kinko’s or FedEx has ADHD too.