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Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed with ADHD only about 3 yrs ago. Once I discovered what I had, I was able to secure the counseling and medication that I needed to help control it. In January of 2016, I moved about 250 miles north of where I had been living for 10 years. Same state, but different everything else. Moving from a large metro area to a small city for retirement posed a few problems:

1. My medicare supplement plan changed.
2. My new doctor’s office would NOT prescribe any behavioral medications.
3. I couldn’t find a psychologist or psychiatrist in my new area who specialized in ADHD treatment.

Earlier this year, I finally found a local clinic that would take my medicare plan and had a psychiatrist (skyping from Virginia) that could prescribe my ADHD medication (amphetomine salts).

So as of now, I’m able to obtain the counseling and meds that I need to help control my ADHD symptoms. I think the answer to feeling better with ADD/ADHD is simply to NOT GIVE UP and have faith that you will find the help you’re looking for.

Best of luck!