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Hi Evie,

Your son may be only 12, but those are some very wise tips! I think I’ll give that a try, particularly the covering up each line. I think my insecurity about being perceived as “challenged” in some way has kept me from doing so but, as I am sure you experience with your son, our intelligence and capacity for success and the manifestations of ADHD are not by any means directly correlated. I know I’m very smart, and as I am studying to go to law school, clearly I am willing to take on challenging paths. All it means is that we have to get creative with how we cope with the cards we are dealt.

I also want you to know, while I bring up my relationship to make a point, I don’t want you to think it’s all struggle with us at all–we’re very much in love and happy (even if I get on her nerves much more than she does on mine). Being ADHD doesn’t necessarily make you harder to love, it just asks that those who love you, at times, have a bit more patience than the average bear. My wife is very understanding and patient with me, and even when we go through a bit of ADHDistress (as I call it), she knows I bring a lot of positive qualities to the relationship too, and can see how earnest I am in trying to improve, making it easier to forgive. I am sure you son does and will continue to bring all his gifts into every aspect of his life.

Good on you for advocating for him now–it sounds like he’s well-situated for success.