Reply To: I’m new


Hi Wyandz,
Hang in there, I can definitely empathize. When I feel like that here are some things I do to that can really help stabilize the situation:
1) Start by imagining how AMAZING it will feel to have a clean, organized home.
2) Make a list of everything that needs to be done. Do not censor or edit, just write it all down.
3) Scan the room for things you can do quickly do that will give you an immediate sense of accomplishment: bag and toss some trash, do a fast sweep, picking up all the dirty laundry off the floor, making the bed quickly, put everything in its place in the living room. Listen to some music if that gets you going!
4) For the bigger stuff, prioritize and break it down to steps that you know you can accomplish in 15 minutes or less.
5) ALWAYS REMEMBER that as ADHDers, we’re super-feelers, so it matters how we speak to ourselves. It’s soooooo important to re-direct the self-talk into the positive. Tell yourself how proud you are for caring about your home and that bit by bit you are organizing it. Congratulate yourself when you accomplish something no matter how small, put a check mark on all the things you have done, constantly refer to that list as proof that you are doing your best, RESIST the temptation of negative self-talk.
6) Once you’ve finished re-setting the house, gently remind yourself of how good it feels to have a clean, organized home and constantly tell yourself the importance of tidying-up-as-you-go when you’re about to leave a room. Say it so often until it becomes automated. You will save yourself a great deal of time by learning to clean as you go.

I Hope This Helps!