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I was just officially diagnosed 3 years ago at 47 but I’ve suffered with the effects of ADHD over the years. For instance, I’ve lost or quit more jobs than I can count as a direct result of my ADHD. However, I also am able to see how I’ve naturally made many adjustments in how I do things that have helped me. As a result I’m probably more rigid than a lot of people but I need to be to keep track of everything I need. Once I was diagnosed it made sense why I was about to be fired from yet another job, this time as a preschool teacher. This school was big on “no lesson plans” but that just meant we weren’t expected to plan anything in advance. My entire job was predicated on my ability to react to stimuli in the moment, which I was NOT able to do. I actually had a breakdown during that job because of my inability to respond quickly. Now I work in a department in a library that deals with ordering and receiving materials. It’s process work with few exceptions so even when my brain loses focus my muscle memory carries me through. Yes, it’s boring sometimes but I make sure that my time outside of work is filled with the stimulation I need to keep me going.

Try to think of a clean slate. Now that you know what’s going on you can read about it and come up with your own “best practices.” Best of luck to you on this new journey!