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Hi ADDvocate!

My mother worked for several ADD lawyers during her career. I’m not sure how things are structured in Germany, but in the US, secretaries do a TON of the paperwork/scheduling/organizing for lawyers, so it’s a great field for ADD folks. It sounds like the career you are more passionate about, and I think that the more interested we are, the better ADD folks are able to focus and commit. It sounds like you were excelling with your lawyer path until you started listening to your fear.

I’d say, take the risk, run after it with everything you’ve got. Trust yourself that you CAN do it. And be prepared to ask for help when you get overwhelmed. An add coach can help with the organizational skills.

I’m starting school next week to become a teacher after years of assisting in the classroom. 🙂 it is a good fit for me, and I love kids. If I were you, I’d keep teaching as a second option. That way, it takes a little pressure off your pursuit of becoming a lawyer.

And don’t be afraid to switch careers if you get bored after 5-10 years. It’s normal for us ADD people. I’m expecting to get bored teaching at some point, so I’m planning to switch grade levels or schools when my interest wanes.

Best of luck to you my friend. Trust yourself. You know yourself the best.

My husband is an ENTP. 🙂 God help whoever finds himself opposing him in a courtroom!!! Lol!