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Yes in hindsight radiology was a very poor choice. I only found out my personality matches ADHD after getting in and finishing most of the first year. I went into it because the training is good and you get results instantly. However for the reasons you have said, I really struggle with it and have become bored already. I have actually just accepted people get bored in their careers, and to just appreciate having the job, however the boredom may lead to lawsuits, as you have mentioned and therefore I don’t feel particularly safe. I am quite protected as a trainee so for now I am fine but I don’t see myself being a consultant.

Its hard to change career, especially away from a medical career, when you have such poor concentration, and that is my main struggle. To realistically find something else, you need to be committed and be able to work very hard. But I find that very difficult. I did use to work very hard but I became quite demoralised after realising I did all this work for a job I hate and after a few very stressful family related events (some very horrible stuff happened). And now don’t see the point anymore.