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I am still waiting on my ADHD MED consultation, so I can’t be much help. But everything I’ve read (obsessively researched) indicates that taking ADHD meds regularly *decreases* the likelihood of active substance abuse (since so much ADHD substance abuse is based in self-medicating ADHD symptoms) and that it works best when taken regularly (not just during work days or hours) because ADHD effects personal relationships, non-work obligations, etc. I also wonder if taking it regularly allows us to build the habits and tools we need to work with our ADHD brain and get stuff done? Like, with depression, there’s a bunch of stuff you can do to ease it, but taking your antidepressants makes doing that stuff a lot easier. It’s a personal choice of course, but I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that taking meds means increased likelihood for addiction or decreased effectiveness long term.

I would recommend continuing to stay in contact with your doctor and get their opinion. I’d also recommend getting a book on ADHD strategies/living with ADHD if you can, like Delivered from Distraction. Medication is an important/essential foundation but for many of us it isn’t enough. A boring or difficult task may require additional tools or approaches, and there is probably day to day variability with meds as well…