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You go girl! Please come back and let me know how it goes.

I am so proud of myself for getting through this week… and so frustrated to realize I have another week and a half to go…It feels like “yay, I did it!” “Oh… wait…”

I’ve been extra emotionally labile this week with high highs and low lows in ways that aren’t typical for me, and might be the result of pushing myself extra hard to hold it together til that appointment and/or of some ill-advised self-medicating with Sudafed (which was prescribed to me awhile back for sinus blockages…).

All the resources out there tell you to go see a doctor- they don’t tell you how to hold it together until you SEE one!!!!

And yeah, I agree. I got through childhood and early adolescence fairly okay with my inattentive symptoms. It wasn’t until I had the unique young adult/adult needs for a lot of time management and organization, prolonged focus on administrative tasks not just “homework” (which activated my competitive nature or interest in learning/proving myself as a kid, especially when it was *short*), attending to so many difficult areas of need (work, household chores, financial issues, etc) that my ways of compensating were totally stretched to their breaking point and the full force of my difficulties felt.