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I don’t have the time to read what others have written, so forgive any duplication. I had the same problem all through school. I eventually got an undergrad and 2 grad degrees. I was diagnosed with ADHD long after graduate school but I came up with some strategies that worked for me.

1. Find a study space that works for you. Comfortable seating, good light, tools (pencil/pen/paper, devices, etc.) that work well for you. I’ve studied in a silent law library and in a cafeteria with low but constant noise. Many ambient sound apps are also available if that works for you.

2. Record audio from your lectures (with professor permission). I recorded all my courses and using the recordings made complete notes of the lectures. I then condensed these and memorized them. VERY time consuming, but I knew I could NEVER finish all the reading for any course. If you remember everything the professor says, you’ll most likely get an A. Devices now exist to make this process much easier than when I was a student.

3. Seek out audio versions of the material, if available.

4. Realize that you may have a reading disability. I’ve never been diagnosed, but my kids were diagnosed with dyslexia, and I realized that I probably have it too. If you are diagnosed, you’ll have access to accommodations that can help.

5. Visit your college’s disabilities services department and see what they can do for you.

Good luck!