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I guess what I am looking for is ideas for symptom categories to track. Currently, I track throughout the work day on an hourly basis:
mood (1 to 10 scale)
attention/focus (1 to 10 scale)
water consumption (ounces of water)
amount of sleep (time asleep, time awake, approx. amount of sleep in hours)

I also have a comment section for notes on any unique aspects of the day that might affect my data.

One thing I have noticed is that my mood can be very situation dependent. On one occasion I felt pretty good at work that day when something happened that I perceived as negative and my mood just went south after that for the rest of the day. This has been somewhat enlightening to me, as I furthermore note that my attention/focus level does not seem to correlate highly with mood ratings.

However, “attention/focus” seems very general, and I just don’t seem to glean any useful information from the hourly data. I generally have better attention/focus in the morning which wanes even after I take a second dose of quick release rx (my first dose is taken in the morning, the second is in the afternoon). This is the only trend I am seeing and it’s really not enlightening so I’m wondering if there are other facets of attention/focus that you track. If so, what do you track? How do you track it (1 to 10 scale, or a bad-neutral-good type scale, or etc…).