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Thank you so much for sharing! I too am waiting, it’s a process in Finland. But next week, armed with past diagnoses, school records, and letters from those close to me, I feel ready. But it’s a process. I was treated prior to moving to this country. Then went 9 years untreated. It was likely one of the not so great decisions of my life. What people do not realise is that ADHD could be (and from my experience) more *detrimental* in our later years as we have so many responsibilities to juggle. Career, family, hobbies, etc. It’s not easy and I really cannot stand the fear of them saying “no … you are crazy…you do not have anything”. Work is not easy, nothing is. Life is overly emotional, way to sensitive to everything and everything is a distraction and my memory … oh boy.

Like you, I look *put together* but am a mess on the inside. I just gotta sit tight and trust they will take care of me properly.