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Thanks so much for sharing! Waiting SUCKS, specially since most of us adults getting diagnosed have spent so much of our lives waiting for things to get better! (And trying to make them better to no avail!)

I think if the social worker agreed with the ADHD diagnosis and he refers to the physician, you’ll be likely to be believed and put on the right meds. Anti-depressants aren’t a great first line treatment for ADHD!

But I too am scared that my doctor will just want to up the antidepressants I’m already taking, especially since my ADHD features so much difficulty “activating” to do tasks. But I really don’t think increased antidepressants will help me either; I so strongly believe that ADHD is the problem and ADHD meds are necessary!

It’s scary, because we don’t have control over the outcome. The best we can do is prepare for the appointment and advocate for ourselves, and hope that we got a good doctor who gets it (which is always a gamble).

I go so back-and-forth between hope and feelings of helplessness and fear on this, have I mentioned that?