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Excellent posts above. I’ve been dating a woman with ADHD for a while now and while she is the sweetest most loving being I’ve met the missed return calls, forgetfulness at times, oversights etc can be a little heartbreaking. But I think MelOrlov’s post above says it well and something I’ve been already grappling with since dating her and that is taking more responsibility for my own happiness and joy. And when my lady does come through and she does often it’s just the icing on the cake. The less I depend on someone else for my own happiness the less her quirks invade my peace and vice versa and since meeting her, already aware of many of my own failings I knew this would be a big one for me. What do they say how the right people seem to often come into our lives at just the right time for us to learn and grow from if we so choose to? Well my partner with ADHD is pushing me to be more accepting and especially more reliant on self for happiness. It’s still hard sometimes when she says she will call me back and doesn’t, but it helps to know and read here that it just happens, and she has told me that as well that she is sorry and didn’t mean to forget