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It’s important to keep it simple in times like this. Focus on meeting immediate needs of food, shelter, and clothing while staying on the job search task. Everything else can wait.

On that front, sounds like you have food assistance. In terms of bills, don’t pay anything you don’t have to for survival. Sounds like you don’t have individual utilities that can get shut off, so that’s good. I would contact the owner of the apartment and let her/him know that you might fall behind but you are seeking employment and have interviews lined up.

If it comes down to it, and you get an eviction notice, keep in mind you have rights. You can’t be kicked out without a court order, and the process for that allows you to have your say in front of the judge (to make your case for more time). Proof that you have interviews lined up will really help there.

If you have two interview call backs, you’re in good shape. I’ve had worse situations than that! Keep at it.

You might also want to consider looking at work-from-home opportunities online. Look up “GIG economy” in your fields of interest/skill.