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HeritAge Mom is so right. Talk therapy is nice (you have someone to talk to) but meds do help! There are many university medical schools where you can get cheaper care. There are also clinics in many neighborhoods (some run by the same universities). Obama Care has been a God send for me! I can get medicaid until I find a job that has insurance. I am not sure why it is so expensive for you if your income is low? Is it because you are living at home and they therefore see no rent/expenses? Have your parents start “charging” you rent. Have you tried social services office? There is a 211 number to call or go online in every state. I also think if you are a full time student you can get medical care for free. (I think). Also, you mentioned that you have done bad things to people and they may not forgive you. A few weeks ago, I wrote letters to people who had distanced themselves from me and I never knew why. (The add, anxiety and depression all have tell tale signs which I now understsand – like irritability, over rationalizing, impatience, etc.) I apologized for my actions and said they were probably related to the diagnosis. I did not do that to become friends with them again, but to explain, apologize and clear MY conscience. All were receptive. That is all you can do!

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