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Wow, could I spend some time here! Very new to all of this – 43 and only recently diagnosed earlier this year. I have one or more of these fun episodes almost daily, but one of my faves is from one Halloween in recent years, I was out with a group friends walking around a crazy street festival we have here. We were a mile or two from home base (my friend’s apt), and it started raining. I got separated from the group, with one of my friend’s friends, who was nice enough to walk me back home when we didn’t find the others. I got confused and took us a mile in the wrong direction, so then we had the other mile or two back the opposite way. All this time in the rain, cold, my feet drenched in wet sneakers, getting blisters, wearing a squeaky latex full-body catsuit. It ended up probably an hour before we made it back.

The next day I’m texting with my good friend (that I got separated from), who asks, “Did you not bring the umbrella you bought with me?” O…M…G. I had had an umbrella in the bag I was carrying the entire time, that I had bought the DAY BEFORE specifically for this night. I even pulled my sneakers out of the bag to change shoes, put my heels in the bag, and still did not notice or remember the umbrella.

So when they say, she doesn’t have the good sense to come out of the rain…


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