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You can look up info on Montessori methods… which in my opinion seem to mirror Charolette Mason methods as well- in a nutshell, they’re basically child-led learning: utilizing their natural inquisitiveness and desire to learn to teach them, as well as teaching the whole child (not just academics, but teaching them mentally, emotionally, physically, etc).

Only you know your child best and can really be able to determined if a Montessori academy is a good match- sorry, this forum can’t do that for you. But, I would encourage you to do some research and learn about it for yourself, then decide.
Also, you can definitely find ways of incorporating these methods into your own daily life with him. You are, afterall, his first teacher. This is kinda my take on homeschooling also- I taught my babies how to eat, smile/socialize, crawl, walk, talk, when they were babies- most parents do. And we do this without realizing we are actually teaching them. When I invite them to cook or bake with me, they are getting introduced to lessons in language/reading, math, science, etc and flexing their executive function skills (organizing, planning, task-orientation, working memory, etc).

Basically, don’t underestimate your ability to help your child learn. A Montessori school can be incredible useful, but there are things you- as ‘momma’ can do with your boy to continue to help him learn what he is interested in.