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ADHD and Radiology is not a good fit, for somebody choosing a ADHD friendly career. The reasons for downside of Radiology is 1) Being accurate with attention to details 2) working alone in a dark room, 3) no stimulating patient exchange.4) boredom of routine 5) fulfilling deadlines with very little chance for procrastination 6) threat of Law suits for missed diagnosis requiring attention to detail.
Best careers with this disorder
1) Psychiatry specializing in ADHD. There is big need for specialization in ADHD for both adults and children. you can feel rewarded by helping fellow ADHD patients, dispelling many myths and misconceptions with this disorder. Some of the most successful Physicians in the ADHD field themselves suffer from ADHD.
There is a big need for a specialists in this area.
good luck
Dr.Mukund Sargur, MD