Reply To: 10 year old sad and lonely


Ugh! I literally just spent half an hour writing a response and now I don’t see my original post at all after I edited it to fix an incorrect word!!

Sorry, you get the cliff notes now. 🙁
I was suggesting to check online and Pinterest for how to teach your son about emotional regulation and recognition. And learning how to develop social skills.

Help him find a hobby he can hyperfocus on, or find a project you two can do together.

At the very least, ignite his imagination and pre-tend play.

I’m sorry this post sucks. My first one was awesome, more detailed and just flat out much more fun than this. I wish I could re-write it in its entirety, but I too have ADHD and actually have been trying to do something else for a while now haha but got swept down the ADHD rabbit hole and Lord knows how I managed to end up on this forum and proceed to spend half an hour on it when I had zero intentions.

Good luck and keep your head up! So long as his familial relationships are strong, he’ll grow to be resilient- and resilience is a crucial character trait to being well adjusted.