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I clean houses for a living and I need certain pants (with back pocket for phone), my clip on wallet, certain size bad for vac attachments and my fav sprays . Without these things- a 2 hour job can change into a 4 hour job and that does suck. I’ve worked extremely hard at training myself to bangs my keys on my key hook, keep my needed cleaning things all together in same place, and look back at my car when parking.. to remember where it is after leaving places. Lol. I’d say – if something is different at work, use your time to make a reminder for you – like a post it note or something.. instead of googling anything. You can train yourself to start new habit. It takes 21 days, they say. And all above advice is good. Everyone has bad days.. just do the best you can and realize you can make up for it on your next awesome day.