Reply To: Teen in High School


Hi! Thanks for the replies. He is diagnosed with adha and some odd. He has a pretty good IEP wth accomodations and teachers have tried numerous strategies, along with ourselves, and nothing has worked as far as gettimg him to take the time to keep up with writing assignments, nor turning them in on time. When he was younger we could enforce him using his agenda by the teacher checking it off then us confirming it at home. Now that he is in 11th grade he cannot personally go to each teacher and have them check his assignment book. He does not choose to take the 2 seconds to pull out his notebook and write stuff down. Is it something should let go and let him suffer the consequences with zeros? He knows he can skimp by because per his iep, he gets ample time to turn in things late so he doesnt even care to keep up. He doesnt spend probably 15 minutes on hw and always says he already studied and has no work. This is clearly lies when we find 6 zeros. It is all becoming such a battleground and making us all miserable. When we “force” him to write assignments, btw, we found out he was just writing things – randomly- to look like assignments. So i guess i am asking… should we not push anymore on finding a way to make him write things down at the least?? How involved should we ne st this point…