Reply To: Other parent in denial


In addition to above:
Sometimes no matter how obvious a solution may seem, some people will simply refuse to see (as is the case in my situation, and maybe yours).
The best thing you can do (in my opinion) is to make sure you don’t run down your child’s dad (no matter how much they deserve it) but that you talk with your child about how they feel when they are on and off medication, provide your child with ‘child friendly’ facts regarding ADHD as it comes up so that they will become their own best advocate for what they need to be successful at school.
The thing i always tell my child is that i love him just the way he is. He’s not a bad / naughty kid and that some things he will find harder than other kids. Almost like a daily mantra.
With the number of kids who seem to be going through or have gone thru similar conflict (as indicated above) i wonder if there’s any value in the kids having some contact with each other?