Reply To: Other parent in denial


This is unfortunately a very common problem. I have had this same issue for years with my son’s father. He is someone who is in denial of being ADHD himself in addition to other issues. Because my son lives with me and I am the primary parent, the one that has to go to the school when called about his behavior, etc. there is no compromise in my case. He either gives him his meds when my son is with him, which is rare as it is or, he simply doesn’t go. I spoke to a lawyer about this one time and it was mentioned that withholding medication from a child is a form of child neglect. I can’t or won’t let anyone jeopardize my son’s opportunity at being a successful young person who will one day grow into a man. I surely woulnd’t want him to walk the path his father has chosen and i will do whatever necessary to make sure this doesn’t happen.