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My son was in the same place going into his senior year. Passing Algebra alluded my son too. He was offered a computer based, learn at your own pace math class during summer school which he did well in. See if the school can offer him that or he can take it outside of school and they’ll accept it. It will help at this point not to dwell on it as a failure and to let go of how it should be. And realize it’s Like penguin rooster said you need to do damage control. My son was SO beaten down and we were both under so much stress. I seriously worried about his mental health. He developed bad anxiety. There was no way he was going to graduate on time. Then he stumbled on a way out (that by law CA schools are suppose to advise students of but my son’s didn’t). In CA there’s a test, the CHSPE, that they can take at 16 (or older) and after 10th grade. It only covers math and English and is equivalent to a HS diploma, but not necessarily equal (requiring more prerequisites) as far as getting into college or the military or some trade schools since it isn’t comprehensive. Check to see if there is something similar in AZ. Luckily my son passed the first time and bam, the nightmare was over. The path forward hasn’t been clear, but his self-confidence was so damaged that I’m being patient and believe he will right himself. I read kids with ADHD are a couple of years behind emotionally and I can see that with my son. But it’s not a race.

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