Reply To: Wrong decision


I think you’ve already received some good advice. I would add that it seems you spouse may not have accepted that you have ADHD, or has not been educated on how we are challenged with decreased executive function, lower dopamine levels, etc. Perhaps that is something that might help your perspective on decision making.

If you are considering the possibility of going back to school/college, you are entitled to supportive services if you have an ADHD diagnosis from a mental health professional. Individual schools may offer different assistance and accommodations, but I know this helped me in 2013/14 during grad school.

If you are still motivated to continue farming, don’t give up! Remember, motivation is a key factor to our success and we are more engaged in what we are doing when we are motivated. I suggest finding the closest Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for assistance with your business, they are often co-located with community colleges. I also recommend reaching out to the US Department of Agriculture to see if there are additional resources available.