Reply To: Other parent in denial


For over six years, my ex and I have been arguing this very thing. I tried everything before I ever agreed to putting my son on meds and when nothing worked, I consulted my sons therapist and his doctor about meds. It was a night and day difference in school, but the ex always said I was drugging him because the teachers and I didn’t want to deal with the fact that he’s just being a boy. I agonized over the meds route, but I know it’s helping him. In an IEP meeting dad says he doesn’t have ADHD and the teachers should physically be forcing him to sit still and pay attention. Based on what medical facts, I don’t know. I received a text from dad with a video link to a pastor talking about how ADHD isn’t real and how it’s a made up problem because parents refuse to discipline. And finally this past visitation I got an angry text from dad saying I’m once again drugging our son and he won’t ever be trusted to hold a job, shoot a gun, or drive a car because he’s a zombie. Dad also said he refuses to give him the “drugs”. The 14 year old son is on 25 mg of strattera 2x a day. And he never acts “zombie” like when in school or home. He has realized the meds help so he took them to his grandparents so his dad couldn’t throw them away and he takes them on his own now. Dad likes control and I’ve had the discussion, argument, and knock down drag out so I understand your situation. I have no advice, just support. Continue to do what you know is best for your child. Best of luck.