Reply To: Don't know what to do!!!


Update after today’s appointment

Doctor said we need to take her to a pediatric psychiatric facility for outpatient evaluation.
The poo smearing is a whole new level and won’t get any better without going.
This past week she was with her mother and her mother finally saw for herself how bad things really are. She had several tantrums in one store. Where Ib would have left after the 1st one her mother stuck it thru and let it go on and on. She screamed at her mother the next day at the top of her lungs which she’s never done before to her. It’s frequent that I get that side.
Her therapist told her to do random acts of kindness see if we notice. She has not done one random act at least here.
According to her pediatrician the adderall is forcing out more of her ODD behaviors and it’s past the point where she can help. So we are on a wait list to get in to see this facility. So pray for us as we wait. It could be months