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I’m 38 and I’m a momma to 5 kids When I was 2I went to the doctors cause I was overwhelmed
And not enjoying my life and wanted to avoid
Everyone I was put on antidepressants and
Continued too take them. My son at 4 was diagnosed with severe Adhd and I found myself overwhelmed and having a hard time keeping up with my routines that I established from reading flylady I went back to the doctors and got upped on antidepressants milligrams nothing lasted
long before another situation in life that I overreact or say something I should of not said I found I was always making friends with other moms trying too fit in but soon or even years as soon as I got upset or share much I was rejected
Ignored or I was the only one putting effort in the friendships I found myself done and that it was too much having a lot of friends because I rararely had time too hang out since 5 kids and a hubby was a lot for me too keep up with. I
New something was still wrong with me but I was scared too find out till 4 years ago when I went too the psyciatrist for my first time who with just meeting me agreed with depression and anxiety and said a lot of my symptoms resemble what moms feel like with all the demands that are on you my youngest child is 4 now and only now recently I got diagnosed with ADD. I live by
List Calender’s I’m so glad that there is a name too my crazy and that its Genetic and that’s just how my brain is wired I’m much better too
Not have any of my past friends in my life since I can only assume I was too much for them I get it and I would feel the same but its still hurtful when not everyone is going to accept
U but now I can finally rest knowing everything I went through was because I was around the non
ADD friends. I have my family my kids and a few friends that I can count on one hand and that’s all I can really have and Trust