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Over analyzing is my specialty! What I’ve learned over the years is that it can be a wonderful tool when used properly, or a sledge hammer that breaks everything in its path! Communication with others is really where it tends to break down the most. You see, most people are not over-thinkers. In addition to that, there is always tremendous social pressure to under-think things (e.g., just do as you’re told).

A common occurrence for me is writing a 10 page email to someone, only to get a one line response or no response at all. In most cases, it’s not all that personal. Such people are merely overwhelmed by a dump of information they don’t have enough time to process. That is, they have their own personal things to process regarding their life, and they aren’t the prolific over-thinker I am. I’ve found that most people didn’t even read the 10 page email I sent them, they just skimmed it and assumed its general meaning.

So, I started to over-think about how to be more concise. I still overwhelm people, but not so much that they run screaming (at least not as often as used to be the case).

Are you pursuing treatment for your diagnoses? Have you had any success, if so?