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You’ve talked about what you don’t like to do, now look at the opposite. What do you like to do? What interests you? That’s the place to start. During your Medical studies, were there ANY pieces that really interested you? It doesn’t matter what they were, it could be just interacting with patients, or some other detail.

One thing that can help you with self criticism is paying attention to the ANTs. Automatic Negative Thoughts. This is objectifying the criticisms you level against yourself. So when you have the thought: “I’m a loser.“ You simply say to yourself: “I’m having the thought that I’m a loser.“ Then look at all the successes you’ve had and you see it’s not true.

After a while you will be able to identify these instantly and dismiss them. It really helps you accept yourself as you are.

You’re still very young so you should have no problem starting a new career.

Be sure to find the right therapist. It really helps a lot.

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