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Hi Rebel90
Please read the whole thing. I know I would struggle.

I smoked for many years, up to 50 a day.
I found it very very hard to stop smoking, I tried everything (well most things) including Nicotine Patches, Gum, vapeing, Champix and nothing worked, I still really wanted a cigarette.
My Brother in-law quit after one session through hypnotherapy. I was so desperate and ready so I decided to spend the $500 and see the same Hypnotherapist. I did finally quit although had bad withdrawals. I was extremely emotional and would have bursts of anger and even broke down and cried a few times. After 2 days I started smoking again.
A week later I went in for another session knowing that even if the hypnotherapy does not provide any relief I would just have to quit anyway.
So off I went, an hours drive away and literally chaining the whole way. I met with the Hypnotherapist and she was disgusted with how badly I smelled of cigarettes. She gave me an ear full, told me to grow up and then gave me another session.
This time I quit, I still had the bursts of anger and broke down in tears for no particular reason, ate 2 blocks of chocolate a night etc. But I finally quit. This time I decided I enough and nothing was going to stop me, even putting on 10kgs, but that was fine.
one year later I had a wedding every week for 5 weeks, lots of alcohol and now smoking again.
A year later at the beginning of this year I again decided I would quit, drinks, alchol, whatever Im quitting.
This time around it was so easy, no withdrawals, none! and its due to a new medication my Phsyc prescribed to me for my ADHD style depression. Its called Zyban. It Is more commonly used in America as an anti depressant called Wellbutrin.
You still need to WANT to quit.
Zyban has been the best so far

Good luck (ps caffeine can actually give you jitters when your a non smoker)