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Hi there. I was diagnosed with adult ADD (primarily inattentive) over 10 years ago now. It took me quite a while to understand myself, what has happened, and yes, what meds to use. At first, it was Ritalin – the regular 4 hour version. I used that for a while, noticed some difference, then for reasons not totally clear I stopped. I think I simply got used to taking it and didn’t think it was providing a huge difference. Some time went by (years, actually) and I found myself at a technical job that was demanding. I went back to the doctor and they now recommend a slow release version of ritalin. Tried it, but did not feel it was helping. On an intuition one day I was struggling at work, I took an old 4 hour version of Ritalin. Boom. Half an hour later I realized I was doing well and recognized the brain fog had lifted. Now, I have the regular Ritalin with me and I take it as I feel I need it.

Daily things that help me: 1. I try to always put my car keys on the table by the door the minute I walk in. When this finally becomes a habit, my car keys don’t end up in the refrigerator as much. 2. I try to put every appointment, errand, shopping list, contact information, etc in my cell phone as soon as I get it. I also warn folk that unless they see me enter it in my cell phone, I am not guaranteeing to remember.

Point is that it took me a long while to learn about ADHD, how it effected me, how to recognize when I needed help, and when I didn’t. Give yourself time and try to be patient. Learn about the strengths of ADHD as well as the possible pitfalls. I read a quote from a fellow ADHD individual and I quote it:

“It (ADHD) is just like shooting with a gun at a fair. If you know the inaccuracy of your gun, it is possible to hit your targets.”
Sorry, I don’t know where I originally got it from.