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Hi, I’m not sure i’m a success story. I’m not even sure I have ADHD, although I seem to score highly on all the tests for it and i’m writing this now instead of amending the document i’m supposed to be doing for work. Why, because I just thought of it!!!

I’ve always been easily distracted, impatient, loud, abrupt, argumentative and easy to anger. I get stressed quite quickly about stupid things and have a habit of catastrophising situations to the extent that I sometimes think the sky is about to fall in. Since reading this forum I identify with lots of what’s said here. I can see myself in so many of the struggles that are posted.

However, i’m now a partner in a professional services business. I’m good at lots of what I do. I’m great with people and understand complex situations, often quicker than many others. Yes, i’m disorganised and sometimes it takes me longer to do things than it should but i’m persistent and have never given up. Its this persistence that has put me where I am. I was written off by many when I was young but yet here I am. I find it difficult, particularly focusing on the mundane – of which there is allot but I always get there in the end….sometimes with a last minute panic!!

I’m also a husband and father to an amazing 4 year old girl, whom I’m beginning to think might be like me. We certainly clash but I still think she’s the best thing on the planet!

So why the reason for this post. Certainly not to brag. Just to say, the struggle goes on but there is always hope. I’ve achieved some small things. Positions that not many would have thought I would so don’t give up. Keep going, those of us with ADHD are not inferior, just different and that should be celebrated.