Reply To: Hate Sleeping-ADHD Related?


This was a huge issue for me, but it’s been solved with a surprisingly simple solution. I have a Kindle Fire HD, but you can use a cell phone if you have one. I go to bed at a reasonable time (when I’m not doing rattlesnake rescue until 2 AM!). Lights out, under the covers, eyes closed, to create a nice bit of sensory deprivation. In that state I listen to either audiobooks, free audiobooks on librivox or more often, I use the free TuneIn app to listen to radio dramas, or podcasts with the screen turned off. Listening in the dark, while lying down and eyes closed is essential — anything else could trigger the brain to be more active. In a state of sensory deprivation, though, my mind drifts off into the story and more often than not, into sleep. In fact I do more TuneIn than books because I found I was getting frustrated at always falling asleep in the middle of the chapter, and then it just keeps playing, so when I wake up I have to find my place again. Half hour radio dramas (scifi oldtime radio is my favorite) are ideal.

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