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JBoom I can see that. I was not clear enough on my question. That is one of my biggest issues not communicating what I’m really trying to say. It looks like I’m lying. ADHD did not cause my heart to stray. My heart is no longer a slave to lust. I have repented for my sin and Jesus has forgiven me. My wife has also forgiven me. She is an amazing woman and I’m blessed to call her my wife. I completed a 40 day recovery program on habitual sin. I was doing the hard work. When I do mess up, with anger or hurtful words/actions, I apologize soon after. Huge progress. My kids have noticed that is one of the biggest improvments. In the past I would make excuses or blame someone else. Wife and I doing a study together called marriage matters. Problem I got comfortable, complacent, not meeting my wives needs and stopped putting God at the center. I am trying to figure out why I would blow a second chance with my wife and kids. Talking to an ADHD coach and the resources she guided me to has been eye opening describing me and whats happening in my marriage. The information also helps your spouse and kids to better understand your disability. Medication can only do so much. Behavorial life style changes need to happen. I’m starting that today. Support from a spouse and kids can help someone with ADHD progress much quicker. No excuses here. I take full accountability for my actions. Lengthy response but my fingers started typing flowing from my heart.