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Good grief, briannebfitness! Reading your post was a little bit spooky for me because it was the equivalent to holding up a mirror to my own organisational skills. Now… Where to begin…

The bouncing all over the place with organisational methods I completely relate to. I get super excited when I think I’ve finally found ‘the one’. I then get super bored with it. Followed by super frustrated with it (because it’s not ‘intuitive’ enough to work like I think). Then I finally abandon it to continue the search. This makes me super annoyed/angry with myself because I think ‘surely you can have enough ‘discipline’ to make it work this time!!!

For the record… I have tried Smartsheet, Wrike, Asana, Trello,, Google Keep, Google Tasks, Outlook tasks and a whole lot of others I can’t even remember right now. I am currently back to using Trello because I like it’s simplicity and flexibility. I can make multiple lists and drag and drop tasks between lists.

While I too like the pen and paper (it’s very satisfying ticking the list off for sure) the list needs to be in a digital medium because paper lists always get too overwhelming to manage as the list grows with every ‘thought bubble’ about what I’d like to do in my ‘ideal world’.

Having a drag and drop method helps prioritise things. Sometimes, once I’ve sorted out the day’s priorities I’ll actually write that list out so that I can ‘cross it off’. (Bit of a double up but satisfying.)

My suggestion would be to not make too many lists. I used to try and be super duper organised by categorising absolutely everything but then I just lost track of the tasks.

In terms of a life coach. Check out Chuck Shultz from He’s in Illinois. We have sessions via Zoom Meetings (I’m in Western Australia). I have a session with Chuck every 3-4 weeks and he’s changed my life. He’s been my coach now for about 5 years.

Finally… (Before I’squirrel off’ in another direction 🙂 what I have recently done that has made the biggest difference in my life is this.. I’ve quite simply accepted that there are ‘costs’ that come with having an ADHD brain. Those costs include the frustration of disorganization, inattentiveness, and inability to complete many things. HOWEVER… Never forget the brilliance of your ADHD brain. It’s ability to hyperfocus, never get bored (for long) and it’s amazing power to see things in a whole other perspective is quite astounding. Not to mention just how much we can actually get done in a day!!! You should never ever be embarrassed. I think I’d be more embarrassed if I was just the ‘regular person’ you speak of 🙂

I wish you well on your journey and hope my thoughts have been helpful.