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I do this all the time, or at least I used to. Less often now.

Somewhere in the back of my brain, I believe that I am incapable, that I will fail. Failing by CHOOSING not to do it is somehow much less painful that failing after honestly trying. It’s a trick that my brain plays on me. Still does sometimes.

I try to cope with this: I take a deep breath, let go of the fear, and try. I think about what will happen if I am successful, what my end goal is, and what I really want to get to, and somehow, it becomes worth it. I’d rather go through the pain of honestly failing than giving up on the goal. Then, I kick my butt into gear, because I’m still terrified of failing. Ha! Somehow, the fear of failure, the risk that I’ve decided to take, fuels my motivation to give it everything I’ve got, because there is no alternative. Adrenaline kicks in, and usually, I’m successful. If I do fail, I get one day to pout, then I jump right back in because even though I failed, failure is still not an option. It’s like keying into the hyperfocus part of your brain to motivate past the fear. It feels like an adventure, or a video game. Same chemical feedback. It’s weird, but it works for me.

Hope this helps! Best of luck on your LSAT! If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve got what it takes to finish it! 🙂