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I’d suggest hanging out with younger kids. My best friends growing up were always a year or two younger, and even now, as an adult, I prefer friendships with people who are about 5-10 years younger than me. I just fit in better; we have similar values and goals, as I’m not interested in settling down any time soon.

As a kid, it’s cool because the ADDer gets to be a leader and share the knowledge they’ve learned as an “older and wiser” person, when they normally feel like they’re at the back of the pack. It’s nice feeling like you have something to offer. Plus, the younger kids want to hang out with the cool older kid, and developmentally they aren’t leaps and bounds better at social skills.

That’s how I got through school. I eventually “caught up” and can now appropriately socialize with women my age, but I still prefer younger friends. They have more energy and can keep up with my silly shenanigans! 😀