Reply To: Is this caused by ADHD?


For me, it’s because I’m a hands on learner, and a visual learner, so even simple spoken or written instructions are a bit lost on me. When people explain things to me, I look down and turn my ear to them and try to visualize. When I worked in a lab, I had this supervisor that was really harsh, I think she felt I was stupid for doing this, but perhaps if she knew that I have an actually issue, like mild autism, if she would be more understanding?
Another example, I’ve always struggled in learning situations that do not stimulate my prefrontal cortex, so traditional academic settings, but in hands on settings like CDL school I kicked ass. Thing is, if more occupations had a apprenticeship route, I, and many other people could be taught or trained to do anything. You just have to show me and let me do some hands on practice.
Unfortunately a vast majority of us are just lost in the current system.