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I’m female in my 30’s and was diagnosed with ADHD in my late 20’s. I felt very misunderstood my whole life. The diagnosis has helped me not feel like I’m a total lost cause but because of all the stigma behind the diagnosis I still alone.

I feel like to have any kind of stability I need support. But I have no one to help me. Parents have never been a shoulder, friends that’s funny. Somewhere along the way I’ve seem to messed that up.

So, how can you get proper help when I don’t have the ability to get a full time job. So because ur not completely disabled there is no help. Than the depression that is already there begins to takes its hold especially when I’m hit with the migraines that will last up to a week.

Life always Worried, feeling alone, misunderstood, painful headaches,and locked up inside my own self.

I’m not a quiter even though I want to give up. I always start out with the best intentions but the motivation gets lost in a world full of negatives.

& People effect me so deeply, it’s like I can actually feel how they feel.

I make silly mistakes all the time which canget really annoying you don’t understand howcould they…

How can I start when I don’t see the point because I’ll just end up where I started… And starting over and over and over… Only to try again to start over… Very misunderstood

These are my thoughts…

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