Reply To: Is this caused by ADHD?


I saw your post as I was heading for bed, and was excited to respond today. I have the same brain, and it was nice to know I am not alone. My thoughts are though that it’s not a bad thing. Obviously, neurotypical people in our lives just don’t get it, but it’s not that we are bad learners. I call it “global learning” and honestly, most people can’t see the big picture. I don’t know about you, but my actual learning style is very flexible, I can learn from reading, hearing, or doing. I do prefer hearing and seeing pictures, but can deal with anything.
I was diagnosed as an adult, about six months ago. I finished my BA in mathematics about a year ago. I sure wish I’d known about my innatention issues before, of course. My professors were less unhelpful than employers mentioned in this thread, but still didn’t get it. As you can imagine, most people learning math do it in a linear fashion, and with concrete examples. I want all the information, and I want the theory before I really do much with the actual problems. It was nearly impossible to get those needs met. I’d struggle in a course until the end, because I’d be able to put most of it together. I’d really ge the material the next semester when it was used again in a bigger picture. Without the diagnosis, I wasn’t able to advocate for myself as well as I’d wished.
I was known by my classmates for being good at math, but my exams didn’t show this, of course, because I had no idea that I couldn’t focus. In class, I’d “get” the idea quickly, and then when working with classmates I’d be able to explain the idea. They would then be able to figure out the linear process. It wasn’t until late in my math career that I realized I needed to insist that they show me the steps if I showed them the concept.
I have an adhd therapist, and she labels our type of thinking as brilliant. I know it doesn’t always make things easier, especially when we have managers in workplaces (I’ve had many) who are unimaginative and discriminatory. But, it really is unique and good. It’s a trait that is needed.