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My son used to do this at 7 or 8 years old. Now he hardly ever does and he is 12. I am a single parent and a psychologist.

Sellison suggested some good strategies that also worked for us. Building on what she said, I would add, make sure that he has at least an hour of fun moderate-vigorous exercise each day. Don’t assume that he’s getting enough exercise at school but book both of you into some form of exercise e.g. martial arts or tennis.

For those who talk about using apps, I would advise against. The blue light from the screen will keep your child awake. The rule in our house is: no screens in bedrooms. Easy to say, hard to do, especially for adults!

Your child is already on a lot of medication. The answer is less likely to be more of the same but something different. Look at diet, supplements, exercise and you playing with him as ways forward. It is a human problem that needs human solutions.

Hope this helps.

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