Reply To: Hate Sleeping-ADHD Related?

One More Thing

In my case, when I sleep I sleep well (95% of the time), but… like many of you, my difficulties are #1 getting to bed, #2 getting to sleep.

I live alone, so the following might not be of much help to some people.

For #1: I’ll do something mildly creative for a set period of time or until I feel at least a little bit tired. For example: making a to-do list for tomorrow or for the week or month, make progress on very small DIY projects, jot down (“brain dump”) some ideas for future projects, write texts, clean or rearrange my desk, etc. I try to avoid TV, computer, tablet, phone… it’s not easy!

For #2: The ADD/ADHD brain wants to stay active all the time, right? Mine sure does! So I give it something to “chew on” that does not involve the body or muscles: audio recordings of various types, played from a tablet, phone, or CD. Between 25-45 min is usually long enough. I use small speakers because I could not get used to earbuds. I did not try under-pillow speakers or headbands; not sure about having electronic devices close to my head for many hours at a time.

This is what I listen to:

– Natural ambient noise such as ocean waves, rain, bubbly stream, trees in the wind, etc.
– White noise* or other man-made sounds without a “beat”. Regular music did not work for me.
– Self-hypnosis program. Some don’t have a “wake-up” ending; but even if they do, I’m often asleep by then.
– Very carefully selected ASMR video (converted to audio-only). There’s a lot of ASMR videos on Y**T*** (good and mostly bad), so I’m very picky.
– Short (10-12 min) podcast on a subject I find interesting, automatically followed by something else from this list

One more thing: I also use a dawn/sunset simulation lamp/alarm clock. Like the name implies, it brightens or dims the lamp gradually on a preset duration.

* White noise is known to help cognitive functions in people with ADD/ADHD. Who knew? (Don’t ask me, Google it)