Reply To: Hate Sleeping-ADHD Related?


Wow! SOOOO Many great suggestions! (and you’ll have quiet a time trialling which ones work for you!) Here’s a few of mine:

*I agree with everyone who has mentioned NO BLUE LIGHT SCREENS for at least an hour before ‘bed-time’. If you factor in a good ‘bed-time’ routine, that should take up most of the hour…(prep. next day’s lunch, shower, brush teeth, lay out next day’s clothes, check your diary/planner/’launchpad’, etc) **NEVER underestimate a regular, repetitive night routine!!**
*As much as I hate it, I get a MUCH better quality sleep when I’ve eaten a well-rounded dinner, at least 2 hours before bed, AND when I don’t drink any alcohol or caffeine from then on.
*One of my MUSTS is an ipad/iphone app called ‘isleep easy’ (produced by Their various guided audios are awesome! And if you need more variety, then check out the podcasts! (Mary Maddux’s voice is very relaxing!)
*On more difficult nights, I rely on my “SleepStream2” app and earbuds/soft headphones; I select the tinnitus masker, with pink noise, and that blocks out almost everything external.
*I have 4 very different pillows that I rotate through, depending on whether it’s neck/shoulder pain that’s floated its way to to top of the ‘priority pile’ (when it comes to what is keeping me awake the most at that exact moment). The pain-pillow is a highly shaped ‘neck’ support pillow. One is simple memory foam. One is slightly shaped for neck support, for ‘normal’ nights; and one is good old ‘crumbed foam’, for snuggly nights, when I want to fluff it up, punch a divot in the centre, and snuggle down with the doona. (It’s purely a ‘mood’ pillow!)
Hope that all helps.