Reply To: 99% sure I have ADHD, but scared


As a woman with ADHD to a woman with possible ADHD I would definitely recommend you go and see your Dr and get referred to a psychiatrist asap.

I thought no one would believe me either. I did say to a psycotherapist once “I think I have adhd” to which i was promptly told “no dear you’re a drama queen it’s different”. Needless to say I’m really glad I ditched her at once and I saw a decent and very sympathetic Dr and was sent to see a very good Psychiatrist who spent a lot of time talking to me and asking a huge number of questions to reach a diagnosis.

I felt much much better just for someone taking me seriously and being listened to and you will too once you go and talk to someone. They may well brush you off. Just keep going until you find an expert who will take you seriously and actually talk to you about it all before they reach a conclusion. Then if you have it great, if you don’t have it, also great, because you’ll at least know!

Along with the other books that people have recommended, my psychiatrist asked me to read The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge. Its a great book when considering how much of your behaviour you can potentially change yourself and when thinking about ADHD in terms of meds being only half the solution and you being half the solution. Or at least that tends to be true for me. If it doesn’t help you, you’ll at least be entertained by the amazing story of the “wobblers”.