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My 9 year old son (ADHD/ASD) wants me to “tuck him in” every night and will not break routine. I find myself falling asleep in his bed more often than not which frustrates my husband. Here are a few things that works for me when I stick to the plan:

1. Inform him early I will not sleep in the bed, but tuck you in only
2. Use night light and Xmas lights to light the room (he now allows me to turn them off completely
3. Use a fan app (he loves the sound) or Glen Harold sleep and relaxation app
4. Once he is sleep (if I don’t put myself asleep first) go back to my wonderful bed
5. Maybe not the best idea but it works for me….allow him to watch kidsutube while we are in the bed, once he is asleep turn it to his fan app and leave
5. I’ve really been pushing the growth mindset theory on him also to challenge that rigid way of thinking. I’ve noticed a difference. He put his car set/track together by himself because I refused to do it again without him trying. He was really proud of himself!!!!

We all get frustrated. It’s hard being a mom when everyone is pulling out your energy at all times. Keep searching for a resolution. You’re not alone.